Think of something 2015

Only this and nothing more 2010

Hair Net Geometry 2015

I became completely radioactive 2009. H 195 x B 300 cm, Pencil on paper

Gost Potato 2010. 3D print in Nylon

The Line of Coincidence 2006

Between Trees 2014. Photo, wood

Alphabet News 2009. H 300 x W 400 x D 150 cm. Background drawings by David Shrigley

From the series something closer than small 2002

I can’t get out 2011

Sketch for the Structure of Peace #2 2006. White marble, bronze, red paint, wood

Untitled 2006

Untitled drawings w/photo 2009

Sketch for Gravity relief; The Alps Matterhorn Area 2014

Gravity relief; The Alps Matterhorn Area 2014. Iron, plumb bobs, thread

Untitled drawing 2009

Untitled drawings 2009