Side by Side 2019

A Retrospective Exhibition With Guests by Jytte Høy at Esbjerg Art Museum, DK

The retrospective exhibition shows existing and entirely new works. At the same time works from the museum collection has been incorporated into the exhibition allowing new visual and structural connections to emerge.

Esbjerg Art Museum Collection:

Kasper Heiberg
Peter Holst Henckel
Vilhelm Lundstrøm
Elmgreen & Olesen
William Anastasi
Sofie Bird Møller
Tomas Saraceno
Ole Søndergaard
Claus Jensen
Robert Jacobsen
Palle Nielsen
Miriam Bäckström

GUEST from
The collection of Jytte Høy:
Eduardo Paolozzi

Street view, Esbjerg Art Museum
Photocredit: Jytte Høy

Exhibition views:
Photocredit: Torben E. Meyer

View from the exhibition. Guest: Eduardo Paolozzi

View from the exhibition. Guest: Vilhelm Lundstrøm

View from the exhibition. Guests: Sofie Bird Møller and Eduardo Paolozzi

Landscape with Lemons; From the Citrus Suite 2016
110 x 230 x 80 cm, Mixed media

View from the exhibition; Left: Fake Modernism 2016
Guest: Tomas Saraceno (Background)


Hair Net Geometry, 2015-2019


View from the exhibition. Left: The Line of Coincidence 2006. Right: Between Trees #2-7, 2014-2018


Left: Model & Master 2018. Right: The Line of Coincidence 2006
Guest: Claus Jensen (Background)


View from the exhibition. Guests: Sofie Bird Møller and Ole Søndergaard


Left: Woodoo 2019. Right: Model & Master 2018


View from the exhibition. Left: Guests: Robert Jacobsen and Palle Nielsen
Right: BIG BROTHER 2019


The Modern Ruin 2001


View from the exhibition. Left: Second Hand Pompei, 2018. Background: Guest Miriam Bäckström


Left: Photo by Miriam Bäckström.
Right: Works from the series TOUCH various small objects 1997