Hello Everybody! gets its title from a text piece by Jytte Høy. The book presents Høy’s latest works from 2010 onward. During this time literature has played an increasingly prominent role in her sculpturally founded production. Høy’s sculptural approach to language is matched by her linguistic approach to sculpture and the artists’ solidly sensual relationship with language and the book format is expressed through different types of paper and printing techniques. Colour inserts contribute an extra dimension. A text by Lotte Møller investigates the special relationship between words and objects in Høy’s oeuvre for the first time.

The book has been published on the occasion of Jytte Høy’s residency at ISCP in New York with the support of the Danish Arts Foundation and the New Carlsberg Foundation.

Lotte Møller:
Jytte Høy - Words, Objects and the Space Between
Jytte Høy - Ord, objekter og rummet i mellem