The artwork for RoofTop International intrudes on the viewer with a command; we are asked to think of something. Like a thought experiment, the text gradually leads us from an imaginative size to a smaller size and then a smaller one and smaller… until it is nothing. A linguistic zoom occurs, and a physical size gradually disappears for the inner gaze.

think of small, then even smaller bits of nothing creates a kind of short circuit of comprehension. The sentence escapes that which is logically possible. We read that which we cannot understand. The artwork presents us with something to think about and then it takes away our ability to comprehend that which is planted in our thoughts.

think of small, then even smaller bits of nothing leads us into an abstract, endless space which we cannot navigate. Nothing may be something that only exists in our consciousness, but nothing can also be a vacuum, a black hole, or a gap in a sentence where great potential hides. Once, everything rose out of nothing.

RoofTop is an exhibition platform with an address in The White Meat Packing District in Copenhagen. The platform is a 12-meter-long light board which is placed on top of a demolition property on Ingerslevsgade 84A. Initiator and curator visual artist Michael Mørk.

Photocredit: Jytte Høy