Freestyle Island 2018

Ringsted Gallery, Denmark

A solo exhibition consisting of two large groups of new works; Model & Master and Second Hand Pompei. In between you’ll find a few older works. Photocredit: Morten Kamper Jacobsen

View from the exhibition Freestyle Island. Foreground: The Line of Coincidence 2006

Wall object 2018 Bronze

From Model & Master 2018; Warrior and Treasure Island both bronze

From Model & Master 2018; Photos of sculptures in wood

From Model & Master 2018; Warrior and Balance Act. Bronze, concrete, galvanized steel

I’m counting 5 with 4 1993. Relief made from legs of chairs

From the Citrus Suite; Lemon Moon 2016

View from the exhibition.

Second Hand Pompei, 2018. Recycled wooden boards and plates, photo from Pompei